Serverless Gems is now available.

What is Serverless Gems?

Serverless Gems builds and provides pre-built binary gem dependencies that work on AWS Lambda. You see, if you want to use a native or compiled gems like nokogiri or mysql2, you have to compile it on an environment similar to the AWS Lambda environment. Then you got to package it up as a Lambda Layer. These pre-built binary dependencies take time and energy to build and maintain. It’s a decent amount of extra work just so you can use serverless.

Originally called Lambda Gems, Serverless Gems has been rebuilt from the ground up. It provides better support for multiple versions of Ruby, notable Ruby 2.7. Jets v3 uses Serverless Gems for a developer-friendly experience.

Free Usage and Paid Plans

Serverless Gems offers introductory free usage:

  • Anonymous usage: Downloads will be rate limit to 15 gems/day.
  • Free plan: Signing up for a free plan doubles your limit. So 30 gems/day. No credit card is required.

A typical Jets app, downloads about 5 binary gems for each deploy. So you’re looking at about 3 deploys a day with the Anonymous usage and 6 deploys a day with the free plan.

If you upgrade to a paid plan, then you get unlimited gems downloads on a per Jets project basis. The plans are available here.

The Future

I built Jets to provide a powerful tool for those who want to develop serverless applications with Ruby. Today, several BoltOps services use and rely on Jets. Many other companies also use Jets for their own serverless apps. However, I haven’t been able to spend as much time on Jets as I would like.

Serverless Gems hopes to provide a sustainable model to help support Jets development. Eventually, I would like to build a team to support and work on it. For companies that have products that rely on Jets, it makes business sense to support Serverless Gems. It ensures that it stays healthy and actively maintained.

A final interesting fact I’ll leave you with: Serverless Gems is built with Jets and serverless technologies. It’s a real-world example of dog fooding it. Serverless Gems is literally running Jets v3. I’m excited about Serverless Gems, Jets, and the future. Hope you are too.