In this video, we continue the tutorials on the Jets Ruby Serverless Framework that adds Ruby support to AWS Lambda. We’ll demonstrate how to customize the properties associated with the Lambda functions that Jets creates. There are 3 ways to set function properties with Jets: at the function level, class level or application level. We’ll also explore the AWS Lambda console and shows how the Lambda function properties connect with Jets.

Here’s a list of the properties you can adjust.

  • dead_letter_config
  • description
  • environment
  • handler
  • kms_key_arn
  • memory_size
  • reserved_concurrent_executions
  • role
  • runtime
  • timeout
  • tracing_config
  • vpc_config
  • tags

For more info, refer to the Function Properties docs.

Summary of What We’ll Cover

  • What function properties are
  • Take a look at function properties in the Lambda Console
  • Take a look at helpful CloudFormation docs that list the properties
  • Show how Jets allows you to customize any property
  • Explain Jets function properties precedence
  • Deploy and demo function properties in action with an example

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