This video tutorial demos the jets delete command. Since all the infrastructure is codified, deleting a Jets application is a straightforward process. What’s more interesting is that it is also easy to recreate the entire environment.

jets delete

For more info on the jets delete command, refer to its CLI reference.

What’s Deleted

  • S3 Bucket that was created and managed by Jets
  • All the CloudFormation stacks that that creates most of the Jets resources: Lambda Functions, API Gateway, CloudWatch Event Rules, etc.
  • CloudWatch Log Groups: to clean up the listing page

Delete in Action

Here’s an example with the jets delete output:

$ jets delete
Deleting project...
Are you sure you want to want to delete the demo-dev project? (y/N)
First, deleting objects in s3 bucket demo-dev-s3bucket-6np69dibzbdl
Deleting demo-dev...
03:08:26PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack demo-dev User Initiated
03:08:27PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20181109150504
03:08:27PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPreheatJob
03:08:38PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20181109150504
03:08:38PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack PostsController
03:08:38PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPublicController
03:09:01PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack PostsController
03:09:01PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPublicController
03:09:02PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiGateway
03:09:12PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiGateway
03:09:45PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPreheatJob
03:09:46PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::S3::Bucket S3Bucket
03:09:46PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::S3::Bucket S3Bucket
Stack demo-dev deleted.
Time took for deletion: 1m 26s.
Deleting CloudWatch logs
Project demo-dev deleted!

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